Monday, February 4, 2013

One. Big. Fairly Light. Room.

This is my sun room.

Apart from short stints as an eBay showroom, ironing room and cat lounge room, it has mostly been a big empty space since I moved into my current abode about 6 months ago.

All this is about to change. Enter the new challenger - the biggest jigsaw puzzle in the world.*

This box is heavy as hell - housing 24,000 pieces of excitement and joy. I chose it not only for its credentials as the biggest puzzle in the world* but also for its hideous/amazing picture qualities - it really has everything you could possibly desire in puzzle form.

Galaxy, hot air balloons, boats, the majority of the animal kingdom AND under the sea. Where's Wally might even be hiding in there. I think it earns its title: LIFE: The Great Challenge.

When (or should I say, if ever) finished, it will measure 4.28 metres long and 1.57 metres wide. Happily, these are pretty much the same dimensions as my empty sun room.

From today onwards, it shall be known as the puzzle room. A place where cats will definitely not tread! Here goes number 46 on the list!

* I'm of the belief that this puzzle is not actually still the biggest puzzle in the world - as I found a Ravensburger one while I was Googling away that is 32,256 pieces! But it is far less offensive/amazing looking (sorry Keith Haring) than LIFE: The Great Challenge! I haven't pulled out my Guiness Book of World Records, but I'm willing to accept defeat on this point.

One would hardly set out to conquer the world's SECOND largest puzzle - so I'm going to be claiming the fact that it was, at a point in time, the world's biggest commercially produced jigsaw puzzle!


  1. wow!!! challenge accepted! seriously though, If I had an empty room as big as that, I would definitely be all over that! how awesome! i can't wait to keep up on your progress!
    have a wonderful day!
    please feel free to visit my blog!

    ta-ta for now!

    Morgan Ilg